Hoitola- ja lääketieteelliseen käyttöön soveltuvia sterilointituotteita.


Autoklaavi 18 l

Paino: kg

Autoclave medical LAFOMED class B 18L
+ printer
+ Technical Passport to the review of the zero FREE



Medical Autoclave Class B, offering the best technology on the market today sterilization - fractionated initial vacuum. It can be used for any type of equipment requiring disinfection; also small, such as needles, catheters, dental instruments or files. 

Autoclave CE certified (Medical), allowing it to use in dental surgeries, medical, veterinary, beauty salons and spas. This ensures a very high quality of the work, rotating through use of a sequence of vacuum and steam. It has a 2 year warranty. 

The autoclave is convenient in everyday use and does not require sophisticated maintenance. A large water tank can carry up to 8 sterilization without the need to refill. Predefined sterilization programs (there are 5) enable the selection of appropriate settings with just a few buttons. There is also the option of manually setting the operating parameters, including drying time (within 1-60 minutes). Integrated printer for easy operation analysis reports. 


Dimensions: 66x44,5x39cm, 
chamber diameter: 20cm, 
depth of chamber: 36cm, 
Weight: 45kg, 
Packaging dimensions: 74x52x46cm, 
Packaged Weight: 54kg, 
Instruction in the Finnish/English, 
Warranty 2 vuotta.